Catherine Ornstein


Speech Therapy

We work with children presenting with specific difficulties in Auditory Processing, Speech Sound Development and Language. This means the difficulties are not caused by Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay or a syndrome.

Our vision is to support and empower each child and family whilst providing specialist therapeutic interventions. A holistic, warm, caring approach is provided through assessment, therapy sessions, home and school programmes plus parental group support sessions.


These sessions can be  delivered in person or as tele-therapy, delivered via Zoom. Our work is underpinned by Christian values and all aspects supported with prayer.

Parents are seen as an essential part of our approach and asked to attend sessions and be fully involved. 

We aim for each family to leave the service feeling empowered and knowing how to support their child's communication. 

Our response to Covid-19

During the current situation we remain open and wish to be fully accessible, to help in whatever way works for you. Tele-therapy and assessment are offered as are parent training sessions, parental support sessions and home programmes. For those  families for whom online therapy is not accessible or does not meet their needs, face to face sessions are offered. This is not an easy time for any of us but we want to continue to help you and your family and widen our support as far as we can. As always our prices remain unfixed - we ask you pay what you can and for those on low incomes there a fund we can use to help pay for sessions. If you would like prayer support, it would be our privilege to pray for you and your loved ones. 

What We Specialise In

Auditory Processing and Difficulties with Listening

Developmental Language Disorder

Speech Sound Difficulties

Parental Support

Current groups run on Tuesdays