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"We were impressed with the extent of Catherine's help, the new therapies she used and the liaison with other professionals. Her therapy was tailor made for our child's needs and her 1:1 sessions were excellent and enjoyable. Her ongoing communication with the school was invaluable. To sum it up, constant comprehensive sustained support."

Parents of O aged 10 who has an Auditory Processing Disorder

"Catherine was very committed to S. She consulted well with school, all other professionals and us. We would absolutely recommend her."

Parents of S aged 8 who had a Communication Disorder.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work with B this term. 

He has come on leaps and bounds in such a short space of time. I hope he continues to use the strategies you have taught him. They should really make a difference. 

Mother of B aged 7 who has Attention and Language Difficulties. 

" Before I couldn't get the words into my mouth. I knew how to pronounce them and what they meant but they wouldn't get in my mouth. It stopped me saying what I wanted to say. People didn't know what I meant and it was hard and frustrating. It really annoyed me. I couldn't describe what had happened if I was getting told off. Now, I can say things, I can get the words in my mouth. Less often it can still be a bit of a struggle. Now I think what things look like and about other words that mean the same thing and it helps me find the word and get it in my mouth. I don't have that problem.  I am definitely a lot more confident now. I am less annoyed, I feel happier and less stressed."

H, aged 10, who has a Language Disorder.

Dear Catherine


Thank you for all your work with T.  He was presented with his certificate in assembly today and we were all so proud of the way that he confidently and clearly explained to the whole school why he was being awarded it.  He has come such a long way and is an inspiration to everyone.


Kind regards


Deputy Headteacher / SENCo

“Dear Catherine,

I am writing to tell you I am so happy to be able to say my 'l','r' and 'th.' This is a great achievement for me! I was in a pantomime recently and when it was my turn to say a line, everybody noticed I could finally say them. Everyone said how well I did, when it was all because of you! All I can really say is THANK YOU!"

L aged 9 who presented with a Speech Disorder

"The impact of your help this year is so huge and wide ranging, we can never really thank you enough for all that you have done for N."

Parents of N aged 8 who has a Language Disorder.

Thank you Catherine, you are an amazing Speech Therapist! We are going to miss you so much. You have done an wonderful job with D and she has made so much progress! You have been such support to me since meeting me and D. Thank you.

Mother of D aged 7 who has a Language Disorder.

"If only every school could have its own Catherine. Your expertise is highly valued as is your warm personable character. It is a pleasure to work with you." 

Reception Teacher, INCo and Deputy Head

Within two weeks of starting The Listening Program, improvements in A's concentration and listening were noted by his teacher. A received an award for good listening. By week 5 she commented he was producing more work, of a higher quality than previously, was better able to follow instructions and seemed happier and more confident within himself. By week 8 A commented that the programme was really helping him and we noticed he received more invites to play dates and parties. He had also stopped using ear defenders in class. After completing the 20 week programme A said he was sad to have finished it and would be happy to do it again one day; it seemed to go by very quickly. He felt it had helped him concentrate and feel happy. A few weeks later his teacher reported A's focussing, listening, quality of work and social skills have all improved greatly and that he is doing very well at school. Thank you so much.

Mother of A aged 9 who completed the Listening Program.

I would like to thank you for all your help over the past few weeks. E has really loved working with you and you have certainly made a difference to her speech.

Mum of E aged 6 who had a Speech Disorder.

This has been wonderful! Thank you so much for all you time and effort, we are really pleased! I am sure L will now have full confidence entering the senior school!

All best wishes and many thanks

Mum of L aged 11 who had a Speech Disorder

Thank you for everything you did for L, he wouldn’t be where he is today without your help, support and advice, for that we will always be eternally grateful. 

Parents of L aged 7 who had a Speech and Language Disorder.

L did a gig at Club 85 a couple of weeks ago and as we passed your house I made a mental note to drop you a line...
It’s almost a year since we last met - it was such a useful meeting and came at the right time for the busy months ahead.

Your advice was wholeheartedly taken on board - reducing the pressure of extra commitments etc
The results were exactly what he wanted - 3 A*s - he was and is over the moon!
He'll be going to Imperial College in October to do aeronautical engineering.

Mum of L aged 18 who has a Language Disorder.

With the superb teaching work M is doing with Catherine, the extra reading at school plus his learning programme at home, we thought it may be too much for him but actually there is a rhythm to it and M seems to have found it.  We feel M is really benefiting -  his memory and his ability to categorise and recall actions throughout the day have certainly improved.  We also notice his self-confidence and self-belief have grown enormously. From singing at Christmas Fayre to engaging in the “Calamity Jane” production to Young voices next week,  it all adds to his self-esteem which makes him a little more happy about where he fits in the universe.

Father of M aged 10 who has Auditory Processing Disorder.

Thank you so much Catherine.


H has really enjoyed his lessons with you. Both myself and my husband feel that he has made significant progress with his speech. We are going to see what the set up is at the school and what support the school gives with speech delay. If we do feel that H could do with some more support, you will be first on our list, and we will be happy to recommend you to others.


Very best regards

Mr & Mrs G, parents of H aged 5 who had Speech Sound difficulties.

Dear Catherine,

I know I should be pleased that Charlotte has done so well but I feel sad! I just think I have got used to her lessons with you.


Many thanks for all your help with Charlotte. We are really pleased with the improvement in her speech that we have seen and subsequently in her reading.

Mum of C age 6 who had a Speech Disorder.

Hello Catherine. 

I have attached J’s end of year school report as I know you like to hear how he is getting on. Well he has surpassed all expectations as the report shows. We are very proud of him and once again thank you for all the help and support you have given him.. 


Anyway enjoy reading and best wishes.

Mother of J aged 7 who had a Speech Disorder.

Dear Catherine,
I thought you would be amused to hear this. J was asked to read a short piece in front of the whole school and their families at a big celebration. 

D and I are very proud that she was asked to stand there in front of all those people to say a few words. Apparently she was totally unfazed by the event and - you'll be pleased to know - spoke clearly!
Looking back, it is remarkable that only two years ago we were ridding her of her dummy and you were working with her on an array of sounds. So, thank you again!
Best wishes,

Mum of E, aged 8 who had a Speech Disorder.

Hi Catherine


Thank you so much for these resources!! They will be really useful in school when working with N and I'm sure that there will be a couple of others who will benefit also!


Many thanks and kind regards



T had a very thorough assessment at the start of his journey with Catherine. The therapy was excellent and to Catherine’s credit he rarely complained that he had to come out of class to do her sessions- he hates missing out on what the other children are doing, so this was a big endorsement! He also really enjoyed the listening programme and I think he definitely benefited from it. 


Therapy has been invaluable- T has grown in confidence enormously through his work with her. Her communication with us as parents was unparalleled and much appreciated! 

We highly recommend Catherine,

Parents of T aged 7 who had Attention and Language difficulties. 

Thank you Catherine,

We really appreciate receiving your feedback each week and it has been very helpful in building up a more complete picture of J and his needs.


Thanks once again for all your hard work and support, especially for your extra time spent in liaison and meetings with us.

Enjoy your summer break,





Thank you so very very much.  L is so very thrilled – she was still saying this morning ‘Mummy I still cannot believe I have finished with Catherine’  We took her out to celebrate last night.


I will continue to correct her when I hear errors in her day to day speech and would love to send you updates now and then.


Thank you so much for all your help, We are so proud of what  has achieved with your help.

Mother of L aged 9 who had a Speech Disorder.

Hi, Catherine.


I really appreciate all your help and support over the years; both for O as well as for myself, when I used to get really worried and worked up over his problems.


I agree , except for a bit of spelling glitchyness he's communicating verbally and in writing to a really high standard and most importantly he is enthusiastic and proud of his written work for big projects such as History and English. 


I would more than recommend you to any parent looking for assessment or input with language issues for  their kid!

 If you are looking for any recommendations feel free to pass my contact details to clients, not that I think you need it!

Mother of O, aged 13 who presented with oral and written language difficulties. 

Catherine had a fantastic relationship with our son and he really looked forward to her sessions.

She had a great way of ensuring that when his attention drifted she could re-engage him back to the task in hand.  

She regularly liaised with school staff and made sure this was done confidentially to maintain privacy.

We found Catherine compassionate, friendly yet professional and valued conversations with her when we could ask questions and seek further advice. 

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Catherine. 

Parents of H aged 6 who had Speech Sound Difficulties. 

“Seeing Catherine really helps because before I thought that DLD was everywhere and controlling me, and now I know that it’s just a different way of learning.”

S aged 8 after a first therapy session

Many thank yous Catherine. 

It is an amazing programme. As usual you have done so much more than expected.

Mother of K, aged 8 who has Language Difficulties.

Hi Catherine,


Many thanks for your programme. It has really helped us focus our activities with N and he is already speaking more clearly and showing a real thirst for expanding his vocabulary and using longer dialogue!!


I am hoping that I can contact you again if I have the odd question and if we decide we need a formal review again I will if course be in touch to ensure continuity.


Lovely to meet you.

Mother of N aged 4 with Speech Difficulties & Expressive Language Delay.

Just a brief note to say that N's fluency continues to be good, he has not had dysfluency episodes after we finished with The Listening Program 3 months ago.
2 months ago he started piano lessons, and last week he even played at the teacher's home in a concert she organised. He played in front of 15 people he did not know and told everybody the piece he was going to play, he seemed very confident and we were surprised how he handled it all.
Some time ago he mentioned something about listening again his music, perhaps next year we can  consider it again if the time is right and he wants it.
Thanks again,
M, Mother of N aged 7 who presented with dysfluency and completed the Listening Program.

Hi Catherine


She has done really well and so enjoyed her sessions with you.  We can all see an enormous improvement, thank you!


We are very grateful for all your help and kindness with R – I know she will miss her sessions with you.


Kind regards,

D, Mother of R aged 5 who had Speech Difficulties.

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