Therapy Services

Based in Hitchin, the service runs from Catherine's home and most sessions are held there . Parents are asked to attend therapy sessions so they fully understand what we are working on, how we do this and can have a go for themselves. Therapy sessions run year round with regular breaks for consolidation and holidays.

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Children's sessions

Usually held at Catherine's clinic during school hours, after school or during school holidays.  They last about 45 minutes. Parents are asked to join us so that they are fully involved in the therapeutic process, understand any recommended home activities and feel equipped to support ongoing skill development outside of therapy sessions.  

Children are given an assessment before any therapy is provided so we understand better their strengths and weakness and what to focus on.

Following assessment if therapy is required a therapy plan will be drawn up and shared with those working with a child. 

Therapy sessions can be for individuals or groups depending on numbers of suitable children and need.  

Courses of therapy are followed by consolidation breaks to allow for normal maturation and development as well as breaks for the whole family.

Parent Support 

It isn't easy being the parent or Grandparent of a child who experiences difficulties. It can be confusing to know where to get information from and who to turn to. It can be distressing explaining the situation to friends or extended family and uncomfortable seeing your child alongside his or her peers. 

We offer a range support sessions for adults to try to provide ways for you to meet others in similar situations, to tell your story and be heard, to share information, resources and recommendations. These sessions take place at Catherine's home where you can feel at home, relaxed and we hope nurtured with company, friendship, and refreshments.